1. Is Light Interfering With Your Overhead Garage Door?

    Lights and their frequencies can obstruct the performance in your overhead garage! In the last couple of decades LED lights have flooded the way we we use energy and light. We began replacing traditional incandescent lightbulbs with LEDs because they’re more energy efficient and typically last lon…Read More

  2. Fall Preparation For Your Garage

    The weather is changing which means your Greenland garage door needs a little extra care!    With the changing seasons and the fall weather getting cooler, it’s important to prepare your garage this fall to better protect your home and belongings from the elements.   At A & H Garage Doors, …Read More

  3. Why Garage Door Springs Break

    There are many reasons as to why your garage door springs break — find out how!   What’s worse than trying to leave the house for work or pull into your garage after a long day at the office only to try and open the door with no luck. This is no fun, especially when you have no idea what went w…Read More

  4. All About Garage Door Torsion Springs

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  5. Your Guide To Garage Door Springs

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  6. 3 Reasons For Choosing A & H Garage Doors For Garage Door Repair

    Because a faulty Bentonville garage door is inconvenient! You may not realize how vital your garage door is to your everyday life until it stops working. Whether it won’t budge and open at all or it closes and then opens right back up, a garage door malfunction causes complete madness!  At A &…Read More

  7. 4 Common Types Of Garage Door Repair You May Need!

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  8. 6 Tips For Keeping Bugs Out Of Your Garage (Part Two)

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  9. 6 Tips For Keeping Bugs Out Of Your Garage (Part One)

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  10. The Chatty Garage Door

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