1. Garage Door Safety

    Whether you’re installing a new garage door or updating your existing one, routine maintenance is crucial in preventing garage door related injuries. Each year over 30,000 injuries occur by accidents related to garage doors, with a resounding number of them involving children. Keeping scheduled ma…Read More

  2. Revamp Your Garage Door!

    Have you been interested in replacing a new garage door or revamping your garage door to boost curb appeal and improve your home's resale value, but don’t know where to begin? Worn and mature garage doors visible from the street, not only clash with the character of your house, but can be a giant …Read More

  3. The Life Expectancy of a Garage Door

    Garage door replacement is that a thing?! Of all the repairs and replacements you’ll make as a homeowner, did you ever consider the lifespan of your garage door? There will be a day when it will need to be replaced, and that day will imminently come when it stops working! You’ll have one of two …Read More

  4. Garage Door Greatness

    Garage door replacement is easily overlooked when addressing the aspect of adding value to your home. Consider this: garage doors easily contribute to the majority of the front exterior of your home, but are the most neglected feature. Often times, homeowners turn to other curb appeal factors such a…Read More

  5. Garage Door Distress Signals – Part 1

    Garage doors have been around for a good while now, and many innovations have made them incredibly convenient. IN fact, most garage doors work so well, you don't even notice them anymore; you just raise and lower them as you go through your week. It's only when these great mechanisms break down that…Read More

  6. Garage Door Distress Signals – Part 2

    Owning a home is a big responsibility. There is always something to maintain or repair. The good news is, you have experts ready to help you. This is especially true when it comes to your garage doors. Thankfully, modern garage doors are made to last for decades, which means they may not be as much …Read More

  7. How Long Should I Expect My Garage Door to Last?

    If your garage door is doing its job right, you won't really think about it much. It will be a seamless part of your daily life, going up and down just when you need it to, staying up when you want it to, and lowering to protect your property when you're going to be gone. Many people are actually su…Read More

  8. Potential Reasons Your Garage Door Isn’t Opening

    Why Your Garage Door Isn’t Opening Welcome back to our blog series on why your garage door isn’t opening. Of the many issues you could have with your home, none are quite as frustrating as your garage door not opening. Maybe your car is trapped in your garage and you’re trying to get to work, …Read More

  9. Why Won’t My Garage Door Open?

    Garage Door Won’t Open? Here’s why. A working garage is a great thing. You arrive home, your remote opens the garage as you pull into your driveway, and you can easily park your car inside. However, a garage door that won’t open is frustrating. Whether you find out it won’t open when you’r…Read More