Because a faulty Bentonville garage door is inconvenient!

You may not realize how vital your garage door is to your everyday life until it stops working. Whether it won’t budge and open at all or it closes and then opens right back up, a garage door malfunction causes complete madness! 

At A & H Garage Services in Bentonville, we make it a point to be your local garage door experts that you can rely on when you need garage door repairs or new garage door installations. Follow along in today’s blog and learn what sets us apart!

The Garage Door Professionals Of Bentonville

There are many ways people decide on who to hire for a garage door repair and sometimes it’s closing their eyes and pointing to one! If you want a little more assurance about the people working on your garage door, read all about us below!

Family-Owned and Operated

In a culture of big-box stores and ordering just about anything from a giant online company, sometimes people crave a little human interaction — connection! This is exactly what a family-owned and operated company can provide. 

Not only is working with us personal — we know your name and can make customizations big companies can’t — we’re professional, community-driven, and are in this for the long haul.  

Superior Garage Door Products 

The garage doors we carry come in a variety of styles, colors, and materials and they’re straight from a company we trust — Mid-American Door. With three decades in the overhead garage door industry, this company’s foundation is in durable and reliable garage doors that are aesthetically pleasing and withstand the wear and tear that garage doors have to endure. 

If you’re looking for a wood garage door, we can install that. Or, if a metal or glass garage is more your style, that is available too. Lastly, we can absolutely customize garage doors to match the architectural style of your home or want to up the curb appeal of your home! 

When you need a new garage door or garage door parts for garage door repair, you can trust that they’ll be available and the highest quality in the industry. 

Affordable Garage Door Options For All Budgets

If a garage door repair turns into a new garage door installation, we understand that this is a big investment. The good news is, a new garage door lasts roughly 10 to 15 years, so it’s definitely a great investment to make! 

At A & H Garage Doors, we offer a variety of garage doors that make sense for everyone’s budget. So, if you’re looking for a great garage door that is cost-effective and more traditional, we can make it work. On the other hand, if you’re in a place where a custom garage door is more in your budget and you want all the bells and whistles for an incredible exterior, we can do that too!  

As a consumer, you have many choices when it comes to garage door services in Bentonville, but we set ourselves apart by being family-owned and operated, carrying the very best products and parts, and having a garage door option for every budget.   

For more information on the garage repair services we provide or to schedule maintenance, connect with us today!