Keep your Bella Vista overhead garage door in tip-top shape!

So, your garage door isn’t working?! Not only is it inconvenient but it throws your whole routine off. Don’t panic — a little overhead garage door troubleshooting will take you far in assessing and identifying what might be the issue. Because you use your garage door day in and day out, your garage door gets a lot of wear and tear, which make garage door repair all the more common!

When was the last time you had your Bella Vista garage door serviced? We recommend regular maintenance from a garage door professional annually. At A & H Garage Doors, we install and repair overhead garage doors to make your life more effortless! Learn more about the common repairs we do in today’s post!

A garage door that is loud and grindy!

If you are opening or closing your garage door and it sounds there is a whole lot of shaking and grinding going on, yes, there is cause for concern. The loud noises could be related to loose hardware, unlubricated and dry parts, or dirt and debris. 

Sometimes all it takes is a little lube, tightening a part, or cleaning the tracks, so you can poke around a little bit. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this or just want a trained professional, call your local Bella Vista overhead garage door expert!

A faulty garage door opener!

Sometimes it’s you…and not the actual garage door! Or we should say, the garage door opener! If your garage door isn’t operating, check first and see if it’s the remote that is malfunctioning. Perhaps the button you push broke and it won’t make contact or it needs a new battery — either way, it’s like they say in tech, did you turn it off and then back on again? Assess the simple things first! 

A garage door that begins to close and then rapidly opens.

A door that closes seems promising until it opens right back up — there is a sketch comedy skit in that! Not only is this beyond frustrating, but it probably means you have garage door springs that need to be replaced. Keep in mind, you may save a good deal of money by replacing all your garage door springs at once, so you don’t have to get garage door repair every time one breaks.    

A garage door that won’t open…at all!

An unresponsive garage door may feel like you’re getting the silent treatment so if you’re hitting all the buttons and if it doesn’t budge, this could be a result of a number of things. Again, check the batteries on your remote, if the garage door is still being difficult, it could be the motor sensor, cables, or tracks. 

This is a good time to call in the overhead garage door professionals to get a thorough check-up and schedule the garage door repair you need!

Garage doors take on a lot of wear and tear because they are constantly used, so if your door is loud and grindy, it closes and then rapidly opens, or it won’t open at all, get backup and tackle your garage door repairs!

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