As an overhead garage door company in Bella Vista, we’ve seen what bugs can do! Help keep them out all year long!

Bugs, they’re the pits! And not only are they annoying to find squirming around the garage, but they can also cause real damage to your belongings. Arm yourself from bugs in every season with an overhead garage door that doubles as a bug barrier!

At A & H Garage Doors, we are here for overhead garage door repair and new overhead garage door installation in the Bella Vista area! Don’t let bugs infiltrate your garage and learn all the best tips in today’s blog!

Preventing Bugs in Your Garage

Bugs gravitate to your garage in every season — the cooler months because it provides a nice retreat from cold harsh weather and it’s away from the elements and in warmer seasons because it can be cooler and have a little moisture accumulation. 

Because the garage makes a nice home for them in any season, it’s important to not only have a supremely functional overhead garage door, but that you take measures to better keep them at bay. Let’s explore some ways to do just that!

Keep the moisture out!

Bella Vista sees its fair share of Mother Nature — from winter snow to summer rain and hail storms — moisture is not uncommon here! The most important part to keeping bugs away is keeping the moisture out. This means that not only do you need your overhead garage door to have the proper stopper at the bottom to keep it out, but that you secure the perimeter of your garage. 

Remove standing water from storms immediately and remove any planters that are close to the garage. When there is water, there are bugs. Mosquitoes are especially drawn to damp, humid areas — you’re practically rolling out the red carpet and inviting them in with standing water or even a hot water heater that situated in your garage. 

At the end of the day, address any water or moisture as one of the first defenses to mitigating pests.

Keep all food properly sealed.

Some people scoff at those who store food in their garage but if you need the space, it’s not a bad place to store it — but you have to be mindful! 

Bugs find garages not only inviting because of the ambient temperatures and protection, but the sustenance and tasty snacks it provides! If you store non-perishable food in your garage, ideally, you’ll want to store it in some sort of closed bin or garage cabinets. 

It’s also important to consider removing the food from the garage once it’s been opened and then store it in the house. You wouldn’t want to open a bag of chips, eat a handful, and put them back. This is just waving a flag to the bugs, “hey come in here for free room and board!” This is the easiest way to start a pest infestation. Take all opened food into the house. 

Bugs, also don’t discriminate! If you store your dog food in the garage, you may want to keep it in a large bin — there’s nothing like scooping dog food filled with maggots and mill worms into your dog’s bowl at 5 am!     

The takeaway: Store sealed, non-perishable food items in cabinets or sealed storage bin to prevent bugs. 

There are more tips to share on preventing bugs, so stay tuned for part two!