Keep bugs at bay with a new overhead garage door install in Bella Vista! 

Bugs — they’re fine when they’re outdoors and not bothering you, but extremely disruptive when you find them in your garage and home! In part one, we explored ways to help prevent bugs from intruding your garage including keeping moisture away from your garage — inside and out — and keeping any food storage properly sealed. 

Bugs are just a part of the neighborhood in Bella Vista, but not a part of your home or garage! Get additional tips to prevent bugs from entering your garage in part two today!

Additional Tips To Get The Bugs Out of Your Garage!

Secure the surroundings.

We mentioned earlier about keeping water away from the perimeter, but you can take your bug prevention one step further by treating the surroundings. Connect with pest control and have them spray a bug barrier to officially keep the bugs at bay. 

If you get a certain type of bug every year, such as ants, you can place ant traps around to stop them at the beginning of the season. 

One more thing to better secure your surroundings is to keep wood away, especially if you have termites in the area. Wood draws termites straight in through stacked firewood on the side, a wood outcropping near the garage, and even an old, dead stump in the vicinity.  

The takeaway: Be preventative by spraying a bug barrier, set traps for bugs you get every year, and remove any wood that is near your garage. 

Investigate openings.

Besides your overhead garage door, bugs can penetrate just about any opening — down to the tiniest crack, so it’s important to investigate both the exterior and interior of your garage.

Once they have even the smallest hole on the outside they can barge their way right in, eating through walls and gaining access into the interior. If you spot, hole, or crack on the outside, take care of it promptly to help keep pests out.    

To protect the interior, you can caulk any windows and seal any spots towards the bottom — this is always cheaper than having to invest in an exterminator to rid your garage, and likely your home, from unwanted pesky intruders. 

Invest in your overhead garage door!

You may need a new overhead garage door or perhaps just a repair, but whichever one you need, it’s important that your garage door is operating optimally, and this means even keeping bugs out. 

First, consider replacing your garage door threshold, which is a seal at the bottom that creates a barrier and keeps out the elements and pests. And, if you need more than a garage door threshold, connect with your local Bella Vista garage door professionals for an overhead garage door that keeps you protected!

Bugs are trying to be your next roommates they are just drawn to ambient temperatures and a place that provides protection, and sometimes that’s your garage! Keep them away by securing your surroundings, sealing any openings, and investing in a new overhead garage door threshold! 

Need more than a threshold? Connect with us today about our new overhead garage door installations in Bella Vista!