From standard torsion springs to EZ set garage door torsion springs, these are vital pieces to a well-functioning garage door! 


In our last post, we touched on what happens when your garage door springs need a replacement and signs to look for. Garage door springs are parts you just don’t mess around with — if you fail to address the issue, it could cause a serious health hazard. 


If you’re in Bella Vista and your garage door isn’t functioning as it should — opening and closing properly — it’s time to troubleshoot. At A & H Garage Doors in Bella Vista, we’re here to partner with you in all of your garage door endeavors! Get important information regarding garage door springs in today’s post. 

All About Torsion Garage Door Springs


While there are two types of garage door springs, this post is dedicated to torsion springs! Let’s get to know them a little better below!


Torsion garage door springs are typically secured to the shaft that runs parallel to the garage door and depending on your garage door’s make and model, it may have the shaft housing the spring or the shaft will pass through a collection of garage door springs. 


What type of torsion garage doors are there?


Standard torsion springs – These are the most common type of garage doors springs you’ll find and most residential garage doors have them and you’ll typically encounter one or two torsion springs, two being the safest option. 


This type requires a spring anchor bracket to secure a 1” shaft to accommodate the torsion springs. There are instances when the garage door is set up with an offset mount where installers don’t mount the spring anchor bracket above. 


EZ-Set Torsion Springs – This type of garage door spring involves what is known as a winder, a plastic shaft retainer, and a shaft that’s held next to a cable drum. The actual hardware is different from standard torsion springs and is thought to be more intuitive and used in larger garage spaces, like two- and three-car garages. The winders accommodate the 1” diameter shaft and are located at each end.    


Steel Rolling Door Torsion Springs – There are torsion springs made to accommodate steel garage doors that are manufactured with interlocked slats that provide additional mobility when the opening and closing of the garage door. For example, most garage doors are made in panels instead of one, whole door. The torsion springs can then accommodate this wrapping door and accounts for the extra weight. To hold the weight of steel, multiple springs are used.  

While there are a variety of torsion garage door springs to accommodate every kind of make and model of garage doors, some of the most common are standard torsion garage door springs that are found in most residential homes, EZ-set torsion springs, and steel rolling door garage springs. 


Garage door springs are parts you don’t want to ignore — if you suspect an issue it’s crucial to get your garage door serviced ASAP to prevent any serious injuries. 


Get your Bella Vista garage door springs assessed today when you schedule an appointment!