The weather is changing which means your Greenland garage door needs a little extra care! 


With the changing seasons and the fall weather getting cooler, it’s important to prepare your garage this fall to better protect your home and belongings from the elements.


At A & H Garage Doors, it’s that time to get your garage fall-ready! Not only are you trading your pool toys and bikes for skis and heavier jackets, but you’ll want to ensure your garage door is taken care of. Dive in with us today and learn how to get your garage door ready for the upcoming cold seasons. 

Fall Garage Door Prep


Just like spring cleaning feels good to tidy up your garage, the fall is another great time to prepare it for the cold weather and ensure it keeps functioning in the most frigid weather. 


Tidy it up!


Fall is the time to clear out the cars for a day and really spend some time sweeping the floors and going through any storage. Make sure you have your winter things easily accessible so you and your family can quickly grab the sleds or ice skates for a snow day. 


Think about special flooring.


Greenland can see some very cool fall weather and exceptionally cold winters, so investing in garage flooring may be of benefit. An epoxy garage floor is not only great for your car’s tires, but it also improves the overall safety of your garage. 


With all the moisture, it can easily be mopped up or swept out. You can also get textured flooring that prevents slips and falls — great for any home but especially one with small children, seniors, or those people with disabilities.   


Schedule garage door maintenance!


Having your door get stuck in the brisk mornings of fall or in late-night blizzard is not only inconvenient but just downright annoying! Don’t leave your garage door at risk and give it the proper attention it deserves. 


Torsion springs – This is a great time to check the garage springs. If you see them sagging or any kind of damage, address it immediately. Torsion springs can snap with the weather fluctuations, so do yourself a favor and schedule garage spring maintenance today!


Garage seals – It’s important to assess your garage seals, after all, they’re responsible for keeping the elements like snow, rain, and debris out. Check that the seals are trim, tight, and don’t appear to be weathered. Garage seals also keep things out and they also better insulate your garage to help save money on your monthly utility bills. When seals are not tight they allow cool air to seep in and cool your entire home. 


Grease and lubricate – For all of your garage parts such as hinges, collars, bushings, rollers, and torsion springs, it’s crucial to grease and lubricate them for the coming cool weather. The cold weather can cause the metal to contract, adding strain to the working parts.         


Is your garage door ready and prepped for fall? Schedule your annual garage door maintenance today!