Notable Garage Door Features to Review

The garage has moved from an early space that was very stark and efficient in its functions, to a present-day luxurious dwelling ready to take on and store everything contemporary life has to offer. The garage was once an outbuilding in the back, and now it is one of the most prominent features of a home’s curb appeal.

When it comes to garage doors, we think of them with one function — moving up and down as our cars leave the premises. But, they actually play a much bigger role than you’d think!

At A & H Garage Door Services, we can assist in small tasks, such as providing garage door parts or complete garage door replacements. Learn more about how a garage door is more than just a door in today’s post.

More Than Just a Door

An easy and fairly simple upgrade you can make to your home is a new garage door, because today, they come in a wide a variety of colors, materials, and styles. It serves many functions as you will find out below!

Garage doors provide wind resistance.

In areas known for hurricanes, high winds and severe storms, a garage door with added wind resistance is a must. There are current building codes in most states that require homeowners to install a door with resistance to a specific wind gust speed, but you can always find more heavy-duty and wind-resistant garage doors on the market. And the best news, you never have to compromise aesthetics — they are available in many styles to fit every home.  

Garage doors provide convenience.

From the age-old carriage doors that had to be manually opened from the sides of a central split to having to stop your car and roll your garage door back to get inside, this was very inconvenient. Thanks to innovation and technology, we have the convenience of simply clicking a button to open or retract the garage door. It also provides a refuge from harsh winter weather — no scraping or waiting in the freezing cold for your car to warm up; you can do it in the comfort of the garage!

A garage door provides insulation.

If you don’t have an insulated garage door, read this article. It is amazing what a little insulation can do to the garage space. And, if you are like the many homeowners out there, the garage is more like your front door. If you find yourself using this as the main entrance, it may be time to upgrade your door with all the bells and whistles.

When there is more insulation, the more comfortable your garage will be in all the extreme weather. Keep everything more comfortable with garage door insulation.

A garage door brings in light.

If your garage is used as any other space, it is important there is light, and natural is all the better. Look for a garage door with glazed glass panels that allow light to flood in during the day and glow magically at night. Keep your privacy with tinted, glazed windows.

Who knew how multifunctional garage doors are?! There is still more to explore with this topic, so stay tuned for part two.

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