One of the best inventions has been the automatic garage door and the garage door openers that complement them and make life, oh so much easier. Now you can open the garage door from feet away and pull in to unload groceries or leave your house without having to out and open and close the door behind, saving valuable time and energy. What happens when your garage door or opener malfunctions and how does it affect your home’s security?

Keep your home safe and secure with A & H Garage Doors with routine maintenance. Garage doors and their openers will eventually wear out and need to be replaced not only for your home’s safety but for its security. In today’s post, learn all about garage security and how to increase garage security.

Securing Your Garage

When you secure your garage, you are one step closer to better securing your home. Follow these tips for better garage security.

  • Start outside – Start by increasing security to your garage by securing the surrounding area outside. Install motion sensor lights that deters break-ins during the night and make sure their reach is far and wide — the more sensitive they are the better!
  • Lock the doors to your house – Many times people will not lock the entry door from their garage into their house because they find security in the garage door. Just remember if someone gets into the garage, they have extremely easy access to your home if the entry isn’t secured.
  • Don’t leave the opener in the car – This seems counterintuitive since you need the opener to get into the garage, but leaving it in the car is an invitation for someone to break into your car and steal it giving them access to your home. Keep one on your keychain or in a hidden or locked space in your car.
  • Cut the power – When you’re out of town or even at night before bed, cut the power to the garage door. Without electricity the system doesn’t work, thus leaving less of a chance of a break in.

To increase the security to your home, start with your garage door and install motion sensor lighting, secure the entryway to your house from the garage, don’t leave the garage opener in the car, and cut the power to the system when you’re out of town or even in a nightly basis.

If you need the security on your garage door or opener inspected or need our garage door services, give us a call today!