You may have noticed in the last week how the mornings are changing from light, bright, and warm, to dark and chilly. This signals only one thing — the transition from the balmy months of frozen drinks and AC, into the cooler fall and winter seasons. As a homeowner, there are things you have to do to protect your home from the dropping temperatures, and caring for your garage is just one of them!

Garage maintenance is often an overlooked project, but it’s one that can make a huge difference in the way your garage door functions and bring additional comfort to your home when things are sealed up tight and organized for the upcoming weather change. Learn more about how to prepare your garage for the changing seasons in today’s post.    


A Garage For All Seasons

If your home has an attached garage, it’s amazing how it can impact the indoor environment of your home — it can either shield you from extreme temperature changes with proper insulation or create climate conditions that rely on extra energy usage of the warming or cooling kind.

Over anything else, the best way to prepare your garage for the cooler weather is with garage insulation. We’ve written about it previously so go check it out here!

Once your garage is zipped and buttoned up from the cold, you can address other concerns.

Garage Door Maintenance

It’s in good practice to have your garage door maintenanced at least once a year, but for good measure, before any major seasonal changes — in the spring and right before fall. It’s important to get your garage door looked at because no one wants to be stuck in or outside of a garage door that suddenly decides not to work! Ensure that your garage door will function on the most frigid of days.


Get Heated

If you spend time out in your garage to tinker and tool about, the cold weather can keep you from your projects. Consider installing heat for the brisk autumn days and frosty winter mornings. When it comes to a heat source there are a couple you can choose from including:

  • Forced air gas heaters
  • Infrared, radiating heaters

Both work well, but infrared heaters tend to be more pricey.

Organize Your Garage Storage

The garage can be a catch-all for storage items, and now is a good time to rotate and organize your summer storage bins full of pool floaties and yard games, and switch them out for your skis and boot collection.

Invest in a Better Garage Floor

There is no shortage of alternatives to concrete in garage flooring. Seal it with an epoxy, cover it with a mat, or install rigid tiles. A new garage floor can ward off damage and help prevent slips and falls in the cold weather seasons.

Even More Tips To Prepare You For The Colder Seasons

Preparing your garage for the upcoming season is imperative — it not only makes things more comfortable and organized, but protects your belongings and helps regulate your home’s temperature.

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