Garage door replacement is easily overlooked when addressing the aspect of adding value to your home. Consider this: garage doors easily contribute to the majority of the front exterior of your home, but are the most neglected feature. Often times, homeowners turn to other curb appeal factors such as new paint, shutters, windows, and landscaping, but miss this not-so-obvious opportunity of updating the doors!

Don’t be another ticky tacky box

Do you ever drive by a home and are wowed by the beautiful luxury wooden garage doors? Or, the steel or glass garage doors that are deeply modern, but are set apart from all the other tiny boxes? The most common, yet classic, aluminum doors, include features and upgrades that woo any prospective homebuyer! Adding features to your new doors also provides additional value, such as insulated door panels that are energy efficient, thus saving on your monthly energy bill. Current market research finds that a new garage door with appropriate features can raise a home’s value one to four percent!

Install new garage doors for big curb appeal points without much investment and add value to not only your home but the entire neighborhood; your neighbors will thank you!

Return on investment (ROI)

The great news is garage doors have excellent ROI, in addition to the lovely curb appeal they raise. It is important to consider that getting a good return on your initial investment plays a crucial role in receiving the most from your home’s improved and increased value.

Replacement for garage doors is more affordable than you may think. The average prices can range anywhere between $700 to several thousands, resting on what features and materials you choose.

The numbers say it all. If a typical upgrade or replacement costs you $1,500, you’ll increase your home’s value by $1,000. When you compare this to other costly upgrades or renovations, such as a bathroom or kitchen, the ROI is between 55 and 60 percent, so it’s more practical and cost-effective to tackle an addition such as a garage door.

Spend less time, energy, and money

Kitchen and bathroom renovations can take up to a month and a half to finish and disrupt everyday life for people. Not to mention, the cost is enormous! Materials alone can cost an upwards of $10,000 not including labor!

Installing a new garage door costs a fraction of the money, and you are able to save even more money if you do-it-yourself (DIY). The DIY may take a bit longer if you’re not accustomed or experienced, so expect around six to eight hours.

If you’d rather not DIY, installation from a professional company takes anywhere from two to six hours.

A & H Garage Services

At  A & H Garage Door Services, we offer quality garage door service and repairs to both residential and commercial spaces.

Are you looking to add value and curb appeal to your home?  Make a wise investment and install new garage doors today with A & H Garage Doors Services.