If you’ve noticed your garage door is being a little more chatty than usual — aka noisy — we have solutions for you!

When your garage door shakes, rattles, and rolls, it could be just enjoying the music you were blasting while prepping dinner, or it could be because it needs attention! If your garage door is squeaking and making ungodly piercing noises when you use it, it’s not trying to get under your skin, it’s trying to tell you something!

At A & H Garage Door, we know how much a noisy garage door is annoying so it’s important to schedule yearly maintenance to keep it happy, healthy, and noise-free! Join us in today’s blog as we provide you with some helpful tips to kill the shrieks and squeaks!

When It’s Not Such a Good Vibration!

A noisy garage door often results when pieces and parts become loose and vibrate when the garage door is opened or closed — not such a good vibration! When you address the loose parts, thus the vibrations, the noise will stop.

So, how do you stop the vibrations? Tighten everything up!

If you feel comfortable pinpointing what’s making noise and trying to tighten any loose nuts and bolts, go for it! Otherwise, call in your local garage door professionals to tackle the issue.

Keep it Hydrated!

Just like a human, a garage door needs to stay well-hydrated — well lubricated — so the metal parts don’t just grind together creating faster wear and tear. If you have garage parts that aren’t lubricated, spray on or give them a nice coat to create a cushion for them to operate smoothly.

Common places that require lubricant include:

  • The track and metal rollers
  • Tops of springs
  • Chains
  • Hinges between the panels

Let The Good Times Roll

If you have an older garage door, it likely has metal rollers. This isn’t a bad thing but if they become dry, they will create an obscene amount of screeching! To mitigate the issue, lubricate the metal rollers, or consider investing in nylon rollers.

Nylon rollers an improved noise reduction, and don’t require as much maintenance as metal rollers do. Because garage doors are beasts of machines, for safety reasons, call a garage door expert to install the nylon rollers!

Check the Insulation

Insulation strips are handy because they help protect and keep the elements out, but they can make a lot of noise if they’re loose and flopping all around. Replacing the garage door insulation strip is a breeze. Connect with your local home improvement store and get the right amount of rubber stripping that you need. Remove the old strip and replace it with the new stuff.

A chatty garage door is never just being that annoying extrovert that just won’t go away, it’s signaling that something needs attention, whether that be loose parts, lackluster lubrication, a squeaky roller, or faulty insulation, it’s time to give it a little TLC.

A & H Garage Door Sevices is all about giving your garage door TLC! For the leading garage door repair and installations, call us today!