When it comes to garages, most people think there are only a couple kinds, so there are really no decisions to be made about it in a new home build, right? Contrary to common knowledge, garages along with their counterparts — garage doors — are all highly customizable! You can choose from different materials such as glass and wooden garage doors, to how many cars it will house and whether or not to incorporate a drive-through feature.

With years of experience in the garage door industry, at A & H Garage Door Services, we’ve seen the most basic and most extravagant garages, and we’re ready to tackle any garage door service you need. If a drive through garage has piqued your interest, follow along with today’s post as we discuss the features and benefits of a drive-through garage.

A garage with not one, but two doors?

When we speak of a drive-through garage, we’re not talking about having two garage doors right next to each other, but one with an entrance and an exit! Perhaps this is the greatest garage feature that has yet to catch on, so if you’re ready to pave the way read all about the benefits!

Create the ultimate outdoor space – These days, people are using their garages for more than just housing their cars and storing their belongings. With a drive-through garage, you can simply open both doors and create an airy, covered outdoor space for entertaining!

Skip the backing out – With a drive-through garage, forget the need to back out on a sleepy Monday morning when you almost run over your kid’s bike or a neighborhood cat! You can now simply see everything and drive right on through and on to your destination. And, if you have a trailer, you don’t have to worry about jackknifing it or bumping it into the wall, you can now simply pull it in and park it where it needs to be.

Let more air in – A standard garage takes some time to air out, due to its lack of ventilation. Having two garage doors to let the air in not only provides the ultimate in ventilation, it also creates more comfortable temperatures in case you need to do work.

Better accessibility – Having two doors automatically makes things more accessible. You can put your trash can near the front so you no longer have to drag them from the side yard and out through the fence. You can now access your mower without having to move your car to get it, you can now simply get it through the front or back of the garage.

A drive-through garage makes life easier and can transform into an outdoor area for entertaining, give you better mobility so you no longer have to back out, provides ventilation, and allows you to access things more easily and quickly without having to shuffle things around.

With a drive-through garage, you not only have one, but two doors to care for! It’s crucial to schedule routine maintenance so both of your doors are functioning optimally! Call us today!