1. A Garage Door is Just a Garage Door, Right? (Part Two)

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  2. A Garage Door is Just a Garage Door, Right? (Part One)

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  3. Garage Insulation is Just Insulation, Right? (Part Two)

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  4. Why Build a Drive-Through Garage?

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  5. Preparing Your Garage For The Changing Seasons

    You may have noticed in the last week how the mornings are changing from light, bright, and warm, to dark and chilly. This signals only one thing — the transition from the balmy months of frozen drinks and AC, into the cooler fall and winter seasons. As a homeowner, there are things you have to do…Read More

  6. Do You Have a Garage Poltergeist?

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  7. Garage Insulation Is Just Insulation, Right? (Part One)

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  8. Detached Garage Insulation: Do or Don’t?

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  9. Attached Garage Insulation: Do or Don’t?

    For many homeowners, the garage is a very practical space — it keeps your cars housed, safe from weather, and it provides a place to work on hobbies and extra storage. If you have an attached garage, you may want to save a quick buck initially by not insulating it, and this may cause issues in the…Read More

  10. Garage Door Security

    One of the best inventions has been the automatic garage door and the garage door openers that complement them and make life, oh so much easier. Now you can open the garage door from feet away and pull in to unload groceries or leave your house without having to out and open and close the door behin…Read More