Why Your Garage Door Isn’t Opening

Welcome back! In our last blog, we discussed a couple of the reasons your garage door may not be opening. One of the reasons we discussed was about how your garage rails could be a factor in your garage door’s malfunction. If the rails are bent or there are gaps between the rails and the rollers, it can’t function properly, let alone open your door. The other reason we talked about was the fact that your torsion springs are actually the heavy duty lifters when it comes to raising your garage door open. If the torsion springs are broken, your garage door has no chance of opening.

These are just two of many reasons your garage door won’t open. Here’s a few more to help you gain the knowledge you need to troubleshoot your garage door issues.

Your Disconnect Switch Has Been Enabled

Every garage door opening comes with a disconnect switch so you can have the option to manually open and close the door. You can identify this issue when listening to the motor. If you hear it running for what seems like the same duration of the door opening or closing but the door does not move, chances are the disconnect switch is on. Take a look to see if the switch has come loose.

The Tension Springs and/or Are Broken

There are many working parts to a garage door and the tension springs and cables are one of the most important. Their purpose is to safely and slowly lower and raise your garage door and when they break it can be very dangerous. If these aren’t working properly, you’ll need to contact a garage door company near you to help you safely resolve the issue.
Whether you’re experiencing issues with your garage door opening and closing too quickly or not opening at all, A&H Garage Door Services can provide you with the garage repairs you need to have a safe and functional garage door. Give us a call today!