Ensure safety and quality performance with our garage door services in Elkins!

Your garage door is a tried and true friend — it, day-after-day, seamlessly opens and closes on demand and with little issues. It is when it begins to act up that life gets a little more complex — sometimes you can’t pull your car in because the door won’t open or when you are backing out, it only closes partially! This is not only inconvenient, but it puts your home and your belongs at risk.

Prevent garage door issues with A & H Garage Door services in Elkins!

Garage door maintenance doesn’t top the list on your homeowner to-do list and it may not even be a blip on your radar, but it is just as crucial as getting your HVAC and plumbing regularly checked.

The Need For Garage Door Maintenance

Annual garage door services can save you from future issues and help keep your garage door functioning optimally.

  • Convenience – Your garage is one of the most important entrances to your home, and has likely replaced the front door entrance! The garage door is the gatekeeper to your day and how you get from place to place, all depends if it is working properly. Continue to get where you are going and don’t sacrifice convenience with a garage door that doesn’t open and close properly.  
  • Safety – Injuries from garage doors are more common than one might think. Garage doors are extremely heavy and if any of the parts aren’t working as they should, it causes the door to come crashing down unexpectedly, which is a huge safety hazard.  
  • Money – A lot of garage door issues can compound quickly when left unaddressed, costing you more money and potentially a new garage door in the future. With regular maintenance, this prevents damages and saves you money.

Our garage door services include:

Garage door maintenance, repair, replacement, and new installation.

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