The leading Johnson garage door services are with us!

Many people don’t notice their garage door on the fritz until it is. The day it stops working is the day you are late to your work presentation and have no way of getting your car out of the garage — what a huge inconvenience!

At A & H Garage Door Services, we know routine garage door maintenance isn’t on everyone’s radar, but it takes just one or two yearly services to keep your door trouble-free and rolling right along!

At A & H Garage Door Services, we have experience!

With over 12 years being a family-owned and operated business in the garage door industry, we have found solutions for the toughest garage door issues. In each passing year, you learn new techniques and skills to better serve your customers to provide them with the leading garage door services.

Get quality garage door service from people who care.

When you partner with A & H Garage Door Services, you are not just getting someone who just fixes or replaces your garage door, you are supported by a small business that is invested in you as a client. There are no sales or middle people who intercept calls, you will always hear from a garage technician to address your needs.  

In Johnson, A & H Garage Door Services help you with preventative maintenance.

Not only will we install or repair a garage door, but we will also walk you through and educate you about your door, thus arming you with the knowledge for basic maintenance and troubleshooting.

We provide the following services:

  • Garage door repairs
  • Garage door spring replacement
  • Garage door installation
  • Garage door replacement

Whether you are needing a new, beautiful wood or glass garage door or your garage parts just need lubing, our garage door technicians have the knowledge and proficiency to get the job done!

Need a garage door solution or service? Schedule with us today!