Friendly and trustworthy overhead garage door experts in Pea Ridge! A & H Garage Door Services — a relationship you can trust.

Have you been imagining a custom garage door that perfectly compliments your home’s architectural features? One that stops cars and onlookers in their tracks to revel at a garage door?!

Or perhaps, a custom garage door that heightens your curb appeal, thus raising its resale value!

Whatever your reasons for a custom garage door, A & H Garage Door Services has you covered.

Your custom garage door vision, our expert garage door services!

From metal and wood to modern glass garage doors, we can tailor it to exactly your needs and aesthetics.  

Why invest in a custom garage door?

  • A custom garage door gives your home something that no one else has and much more including:
  • A custom garage door fits the needs of your household, so if you’re building a custom home with all the bells and whistles, you’ll need a garage door that blends effortlessly.
  • Your garage door may be the one thing from keeping you from selling your home — don’t compromise a sale and make a lasting impact on your curb appeal with a custom garage door.

From Aesthetics to Function

You want your custom garage door to look amazing, but you also want one that will perform and protect. A high-quality garage door is also what you need — you can have both!

Your garage is essentially one the workhorse of your home — it protects your most precious belongings including the vehicles you house, the items you store, and even your family.

Because the garage is so vital, part of a custom garage door is an insulated door! An insulated garage door helps maintain an ambient temperature staving off hot and cold temperature extremes to keep your belongings safe and protected.

For more information on the custom garage doors we carry, call us today!