Is your garage door in need of repair?


At A & H Garages in Bella Vista, we repair and replace overhead garage doors, and within our services, we also fix garage door springs. These parts to your overhead garage door aren’t likely something you typically watch over, but as we’ll explore today, garage door springs play a crucial part in the opening and closing your garage door.


Did you know that you should have your overhead garage door serviced annually? So, if it’s that time of year (or long overdue!), schedule a checkup with us in Bella Vista today! For more information on overhead garage door springs, join us in today’s post. 

Overhead Garage Door Springs And Your Bella Vista Garage


Garage door springs are responsible for opening and closing your garage door, so when they go, so foes the functionality of your garage! This is a headache and disruption you can avoid! 


When it comes to garage door maintenance, you may be able to get away with some minor DIY projects like lubing the metal pieces if they become noisy, but garage door springs aren’t necessarily something you want to tackle on your own! Why not embark on the journey of garage door springs? Quite simply, it can be very dangerous. 


Read this garage door safety article before you read any further!


If you’ve reached a point where there is a serious issue and your garage door just isn’t cooperating, it could be related to the garage door springs. The great news is, if your garage door springs they can be repaired. 


While garage door springs are available to the DIY enthusiast, we also recommend seeking out professional garage door repair. Not only will it save you time and stress, but it can prevent any serious hazards you could encounter doing it yourself. 


Types Of Garage Door Springs


In the garage door industry, there are two types of springs: torsion springs and extension springs. What’s the difference? Torsion springs are attached towards the top of a closed garage door and extension springs are run along the upper part of the tracks on both sides. 


Garage door springs are coiled and tightly wound metal pieces, so they can bear a lot of tension, but if they’re showing age or suddenly break, it’s important to have an experienced garage door professional troubleshoot the issue for you. 


The types of garage doors mentioned above function differently — extension garage door springs have an important safety feature of a safety cable that runs both sides and through each spring. This cable helps prevent major accidents should the spring suddenly break. 


Another issue you may run into are unbalanced springs. If your garage door begins to open and close anything less than smooth or even stops working, this could indicate a serious issue. Troubleshoot by operating the door manually and if it continues to be hard to operate, the garage door springs could be unbalanced. 


This is an issue that won’t resolve on its own or with a little lubrication and you’ll then have to call the garage door experts. 


Does this sound like your overhead garage door? 


If you’re experiencing a garage door that won’t open or close, don’t put it off any longer and call us for garage door repair in Bella Vista today!