Garage doors typically use torsion springs to lift, or counter balance the weight of your overhead door. Torsion springs offer the best life expectancy. However, they are dangerous and should only be replaced by a trained professional. In order to properly balance your garage door, you must use the correct springs. If your sectional door, or one piece door weighs 120 pounds, then you need to use a spring or springs with 120 pounds of pull or lift.

Torsion spring replacement is so dangerous because most people do not have the proper tools and training to wind or load the torsion springs.

Torsion garage door springs are mounted above the garage door opening on a tube. On either end of the tube are drums with lift cables that are attached to the bottom of the door. Lighter garage doors only require one spring, but heavier overhead doors will require two springs. Torsion spring life expectancy and lift properties are determined by three things: the wire gage, the overall length of the spring, and the diameter of the spring. With different combinations of these three factors, you can achieve shorter or higher life cycles in a torsion spring replacement.

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